18 - 20 June, 2018|
Seattle, WA

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Aircraft Seating agenda 2018

Maintain a competitive advantage and gain value through latest aircraft seating developments.Read the agenda and find out who is presenting this year!

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Adient’s exclusive interview on the Adient-Boing collaboration

One of the biggest news in the seating industry this year is the collaboration of Adient with Boeing. We interviewed Andreas Maashoff, Director Industrial Design & Craftsmanship, Consumer & Market Research, Adient Ltd. & Co. KG, where he is sharing the different aspects and benefits of this uniqu ...

Breaking point: Cost/Benefit battle continues

Within the aircraft industry, companies need to take strategic decisions in order to determine whether they are going to manufacture parts in-house or outsource their production.What kind of factors are influencing this decisions and what measures can help i ...

Top 7 stories on aircraft seating that you might have missed

Read the article and find out more about latest news on aircraft seating!


Infographic on challenges in aircraft seating

Have a look at the survey results from the Aircraft Seating Europe conference attendees regarding industry challenges illustrated at the infographic.


JPA Design: Re-imagining seat architecture

JPA Design presenting on a new approach to the construction of aircraft seating at last year's Aircraft Seating conference in Hamburg.Find out more here.

Federal Aviation Administration USA presents on "Regulating in a dynamic environment"

Sue McCormick, Aerospace Engineer, FAA, US, presented at last year’s Aircraft Seating USA conference on regulation challenges in a dynamic environment. Read the presentation and find out more.

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