Innovative Aircraft Seating USA 2017

Research institutes estimates the global aircraft seating market to reach by 2020 USD 14.82 billion at a CAGR of 14.65% from 2015 to 2020. Major drivers are growth in air travel, increased aircraft orders and demand for lightweight seat designs. According to APEX Global Passenger Insights Survey 7 in 10 flier cite comfort and ambience as their #1 priority. Lowest satisfaction among air travelers are seat width, leg room and distance to the neighbor.

Running this conference successfully since 6 years in Germany we were asked by the industry to set up this conference for the US too - we are happy to announce that we are setting up the conference in June in Seattle!

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Visit us and discuss the following topics among others:

How much comfort does the passenger want? Passenger emotions and the impact on the perception of comfort - Personalization and customization in future seat design

Innovative lightweight seat design concepts: Solving the conflict of reducing weight and the factors comfort, safety and cost.

User-centered design approach in aircraft seating design

Designing seats for maintainability, upgrades and reliability

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